Tyre Recycling is a problem solution. Tires are a huge problem that many people struggle to dispose of. Not only do they take up a lot of space, but they can be harmful if not recycled properly. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways you can recycle tires so that they’re safe and beneficial to the environment.

What is tyre recycling?

Tyre recycling is the process of recovering usable rubber and other materials from retired or no longer in use tyres.
The rubber can be used in new tyres, while the other materials can be used for a variety of purposes such as plastics, insulation, and fuel.
Tyre recycling has become an important part of the tyre industry because it helps to reduce waste, conserve resources, and protect the environment.

The Benefits

Tire recycling is becoming more popular every day. Not only does it save the environment, but it also saves you money. Here are five reasons why you should recycle your tires.

1. It’s environmentally friendly: Tire recycling is one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do. By recycling tires, you are reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills. And, if you are using recycled tires in your car, you are also reducing the amount of new tires that have to be manufactured.

2. It’s economical: Tire recycling is a cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. According to the EPA, each tire produces around 1,800 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions when it is used and disposed of improperly. Recycling your tires can reduce this by up to 90 percent.

3. It reduces traffic congestion: The EPA reports that increased usage of recycled tires has resulted in decreased traffic congestion in many cities across the United States. In fact, according to The Seattle Times, recycled tire projects in Seattle have reduced traffic by as much as 20 percent during peak hours!

4. It reduces reliance on oil: Tire

How to Start Tyre Recycling

There are many ways to get started recycling tires. The most important part is to start somewhere, so find a local organization or program that will help get you started.

Some tips for starting tire recycling:

  • research the different types of tires and what can be recycled from them
  •  find an organization or program that will help you process and recycle the tires
  •  set up a system where tires are picked up on a regular basis and taken to a facility where they can be recycled

The Different Types

There are many different types of tires for recycling, depending on the material they are made from. Some tires are made from rubber, while others are made from other materials such as polyurethane.

Rubber tires can be recycled into new rubber products, such as automobile and truck tires. Polyurethane tires can be recycled into new polyurethane products, such as roofing membranes and rain gutters.

Some recyclers will also combine different types of tires into one product to make it easier to process. This makes it easier for processors to find a market for the tire recycling.

What to do with Old Tires

You might be wondering what to do with old tires. Well, here are a few ideas:

1. Recycle them into new tires- This is the most common use for tires. You can take your old tires and have a company recycle them into new tires for you. This is a good option if you don’t have the time or ability to do it yourself.

2. Dispose of them properly- If you don’t want to recycle your old tires, you can also choose to dispose of them properly. Make sure to check with your local government or environmental agency about what is the best way to do this. Many cities have programs that will collect and dispose of old tires properly.

3. Use them in projects- Another option is to use old tires in projects. You can use them as materials for building projects, or as components for things like wheelbarrows and carts. This is a great way to recycle them and use them in creative ways.


tyre recycling is an important process that helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. By finding and using recycled tyres, you can help ensure that this valuable resource is conserved and used more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our tyre recycling services.

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